Ha noi house moving company welcome to you!

What can we help you in moving house and office?

  • Are you searching for  House and office moving service in Ha noi city?
  • What is our moving service?
  • Which company can give you the  CHEAP AND PRESTIGIOUS in Ha noi?
  • We can sastisfy all of your requirements with the best service!

We are the no. 1 company who can serve the taxi truck, house moving, and office moving in Ha noi



Our house moving service:

  • First, we provide the metarial and cardboard to package the furnitures
  • After moving, we will rearrange all the furniture base on the requirements of you

It’s really important to find a company who can help you in moving with the best quality and affordable service

  • With a long working times in this area, we are so proud to be the first one in the moving service. You can total reassure with choosing our service. We always try to help the customers to move quickly and safely.

You can have many choices when using our service!

  • If you hide the taxi truck, you can package and remove your furniture by yourself to save the cost of the moving
  • If you use our  House and office moving service all the steps will be supervised by the both sides, you and our company
  • All the steps will be proceed in a short time.

    taxi - truck

    taxi truck

Process of House moving – Office moving service

Step 1: Customers Information Reception

  • We will receive all your calls to : Hotline: 0965612510 vs 039.549.0404
  • We will receive your information and deal with it, then inform to the survey department

    Customers Information Reception

    Customers Information Reception

Step 2: Surveytion, price quotation, contract

  • Survey department will receive your information and contact to you directly to decide the time of moving base on your agreement.
  • We will survey all the furnitures that you want to move (bed, wardrobe, coffe table, chair, utensils…)
  • We will survey the way to move and parking position to decide the best solution
  • After serveying, we will decide the exactly price of the service. If you agree with the price, we can make a contract


Step 3:  Contract implementation 

At the agreement time, the staffs of the Ha Noi house moving 247  will come and process the moving furniture reassemble all of them according to your requirements

House moving

House moving

Step 4: Inspection, payment

  • Customers will check all the furnitures to make sure that all of them are moved safely. We will take full responsibility for the broken furniture
  • After the inspection, you will do the total payment of the service

STEP 5: Customers feedback

  • We will contact to you to make sure the service can be follow the contract
  • We willing to get all the feed back from you to reflect about our service

Hotline: 0965612510 & 039.549.0404

Facebook: House moving 247


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